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ThinkHR Workplace Pro is a platform of integrated HR knowledge solutions with everything employers need to comply with regulations and promote a productive workplace. HR departments, ThinkHR is your new favorite tool. 

Scroll down and read about the different ways ThinkHR can help you.

ThinkHR Live

ThinkHR could be thought of as your HR colleagues. These are expert advisors who will give you solid, fact-based actionable advice and guidance when you need it that you can trust.

You will receive accurate advice from a professional with years of experience. ThinkHR’s certified advisors live and breathe HR solutions and they’re standing by to answer your questions. In any and every case they are prepared to follow up with research to help you resolve issues.

ThinkHR Live advisors are senior level, PHR-, SPHR-, and SHRM-certified professionals with prior experience as HR directors and managers. Their team averages more than 15 years’ experience in HR.

The ThinkHR team has resolved hundreds of thousands of questions and issues so they have just about heard it all. They welcome questions about basic requirements all the way up to the most complex and contentious workplace issues.

ThinkHR advisors are available from 9 am to 8 pm Eastern, Monday through Friday. They are available and ready when you need an answer. They will gladly provide written summaries of conversations.

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ThinkHR Learn

ThinkHR Learn coursework helps you and your staff mitigate legal risk, maintain compliance, and enhance employee engagement. Their extensive course library covers all the mission-critical topics and compliance essentials, including:

  • Harassment and Discrimination
  • Workplace Safety
  • OSHA
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Employee Onboarding

…and more

ThinkHR’s high-quality content from their curated collection helps ensure compliance. Just as important, it helps companies attract, manage, train, and retain the best employees.

An intuitive administrator’s dashboard makes it easy to administer training programs, monitor compliance, and track employee course completions.

Organizations can design, construct, and issue branded certificates for employees. Comprehensive reports on compliance readiness, employee engagement, and more can be generated with ease.

ThinkHR Learn is your modern, comprehensive training platform.

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ThinkHR Comply

ThinkHR Comply provides access to thousands of up-to-date documents, tools, forms. The latest news and information to help you support best practices in compliance is available on-demand. This compliance resource includes the following:

  • Customizable Employee Handbook Builder
  • Employee Classification Toolkits
  • Performance Review Tools
  • HR Audit Checklist
  • Hiring and Termination Guidelines
  • Federal and State Laws and Updates
  • Job Description Builder and FLSA Classification Tools
  • Compensation Benchmarking
  • Downloadable Templates, Forms, Guidelines, and Checklists
  • Whitepaper and Webinar Library
  • Q&A Database

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ThinkHR Benefits Compliance

ThinkHR’s comprehensive, easy-to-use wizard simplifies and reduces-risk for custom compliant plan documents and non-discrimination tests. This is not easy work. To do this without the ThinkHR Benefits Document Creator is time-consuming and expensive. The ThinkHR Benefits Compliance Suite includes the following features:

  • Customizable compliant wrap, POP documentation
  • Wizard interface to create documents within minutes
  • Compliance monitoring with electronic updates
  • Document storage for seven years
  • Dedicated support team available to answer your questions
  • No maximums so you can create as many documents as you need

Are you prepared for a Department of Labor audit? Failure to meet ERISA requirements and failure to have proper plan documentation can result in penalties, some significant. Do you really want to deal with that? ThinkHR’s Benefits Compliance Suite can help you prepare and avoid one less major headache.

ThinkHR’s Benefits Compliance Suite helps you create fully compliant plan documents with an easy-to-use wizard that makes everything simple, fast, and painless. You will have access to expert help through a dedicated support line staffed with benefits compliance advisors who look forward to interacting with and helping you.

Contact us today for the benefits, solutions, and service you’ve been looking for.

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